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 Otherkin: Then and Now ~ Advice for new 'kin

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PostSubject: Otherkin: Then and Now ~ Advice for new 'kin   Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:11 pm

I wrote this for my old forum and, as it was quite well received, I'm reposting it here to share with you all Smile

This is aimed at newly awakened Otherkin. Itís free advice but take it or leave it as is your choice. Naturally it comes from my experiences and beliefs.

I honestly believe that who you are now is a lot more important than who you were. By all means explore your Ďkin side but please donít let it control the life you have now.

Suddenly taking a week off school or work because you new feel you are an *insert species of choice here* will not go down too well with your teachers or employers.

If you are at school you may wish to keep your discoveries to yourself for now, your classmates may not be very understanding of what you are going through and its not easy to concentrate on classwork while being bullied or taunted. Donít give them ammo to use against you. School doesnít last forever, thankfully, and its worth putting your efforts into your schoolwork and getting out with the best grades you can. You will have the rest of your life to explore your Ďkin side so donít feel bad about it.

If you work then it can be a little easier because you may be able to take some time off to do some soul searching. It is possible to hold down a full time job and keep in touch with your Ďkin side, just set aside some time for it in the hours you are not working.

Allow your Ďkin side to enhance your life but avoid letting it take over completely. Accept the fact there may be a reason for you being here and now in this form, even if you donít know why yet.
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Otherkin: Then and Now ~ Advice for new 'kin
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