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 Phantom Wings

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PostSubject: Phantom Wings   Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:16 pm

For those who might not know, phantom limb syndrome is the term given to the feeling of limbs that are not physically present. This is no something exclusive to otherkin, some people who have lost arms and legs for whatever reason have reported being able to still feel them even though they are no longer there.

I have some personal experience with phantom limbs, mainly wings and neck ridges. The neck ridges I feel from my ears down to my shoulders. I often reach up to rub them when I get an itch on my neck and still surprise myself when I canít touch them.

My wings are a lot more noticeable to me. I feel the muscles and bones that power the wings as well as where the wing sails connect with my lower back. I cannot move these wings at all, I just feel their presence. I get the odd bit of discomfort when something is resting against my back but its not enough to really bother me. I do find meditation whilst sitting a lot more comfortable than lying down.

Unlike some dragonkin I rarely feel a tail, I used to but its been absent for quite a while now.

One thing I havenít seen mentioned much is facial feelings. No matter how much I look in the mirror my face always feels wrong. It most noticeable around my eyes and sometimes feels like Iím wearing a mask, wearing my glasses understandably makes that feeling a lot stronger.
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Phantom Wings
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