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 Attack & Defence Dice Instructions

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PostSubject: Attack & Defence Dice Instructions   Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:29 pm

Below each post you make, are two sets of dice.

Black dice: Attack
White dice: Defence

Attackers roll three black dice and defenders roll two white dice. If any one of the attacker's dice is higher than the highest defender's die, the attack is successful, and causes the difference in damage.

If both dice are higher, the attacker gets the difference of both dice subtracted fron the highest defensive die. The same applies with all three attack dice being higher.

If one of the defensive dice are higher than the highest attack die, the defender successively blocks the attack.

If both defensive dice are higher than the highest attack die, the defender not only successively blocks the attack, however gets a counter hit, inflicting the difference in damage.

Each player can defend and attack in one turn (save the first move which only involves attacking).
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Attack & Defence Dice Instructions
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