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 My dream place( with help from shay)

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PostSubject: My dream place( with help from shay)   Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:21 pm

I love you cheers
A soft warm place full of light. The trees so green full of life. Such a sense of peace and joy, Every single flower has bright and radiant colors. A feeling of peace around the whole place. The sky is bright and clear. The sun light up the entire forest. After every rainstorm a bright rainbow appears. The mountains are tall reaching the clouds. At night the stars light up like diamonds. The air is crisp and clean. Every creature living in harmony. The sunset looks like a painted picture. Everyone is so kind and caring. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. A place where you can be yourself. There's no reason to be scared, you can be free. There's no one to harm you.
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My dream place( with help from shay)
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