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 Father I Love You

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PostSubject: Father I Love You   Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:48 pm

Very Happy
Father I know you're with me. I am calling you. Reaching out with hands.. Help me stay on the right path. Shine your love down on me. I am weak and frail without you. You're my rock. I hold onto you when I am falling. I see your beauty all around me. Your love is the beam that pierces through the darkness. You make sense of the mist of the chaos. You're the support I need during the trials in my life. My life would be in shambles. You have given me so much inspiration. When I think there's no more engry within me, you give more to make it through the day. The warmth you give is unlike anything else. The grace and mercy you show leaves in awe. Your warm touch can heal any broken heart. Your words calm the wildest storms. You have been there for me through my roughest times. You have all the stars light up the sky.
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Father I Love You
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