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 Father's Presenece

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PostSubject: Father's Presenece   Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:53 pm

I am safe in Father's arms. He will always protect me. You may not see him in human form. I see Father with the first snowfall. I feel him from the warmth of the sun. My soul is filled with his peace. His fire and joy is in my spirit. I know He Is love. He right there when I need him. Bringing new warm, loving friends in my life. He blesses me so much. I want to bless others. His kindness and grace, show in everyone in my life. I am amazed of what Dad does. His power is so strong yet gentle at the same time. The more I know him the more I want to be like him. I trust him with my life and soul. I give him everything that I have, I'll hold nothing back. Father is all I need, Supplying everything that I long for. I know He loves me and all his children.
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Father's Presenece
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