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 Spiritual Growth

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PostSubject: Spiritual Growth   Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:25 pm

The more I search my soul, the more I change inside. Learning how to be more compassionate. Listening and waiting for God's voice. Being more sensitive to other peoples feelings. I also learned I don't know everything. Each new day I learn something new. Looking at people through spiritual eyes. Trying to understand where people come from. Learning to resist temptation. Finding myself wanting to help others more. Always keeping my eyes on Dad. Slowly letting go of all my fears and worries.
Trying my best to learn Father's way. Never turning my back from Him. Learning to trust Dad fully. Leaning only on him, through rough times. Never doubting that He loves me. A day without Him is far worse then a day with Him when I have a bad day. Learning to show forgiveness and kindness. Trying not to judge everyone. Trying to have an open mind and heart. Sharing what Dad has given me . Treasuring each new day as a fresh start. I am grateful to have Dad in my life.
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Spiritual Growth
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