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Free Spirited Phoenix Dragon
Free Spirited Phoenix Dragon

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PostSubject: Meditation   Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:08 pm

Ok. This is a BIG thing to do, that requires a few things to achieve meditation.

First off, it helps if you are in a VERY quiet place. Make sure that hardly ANY noise reaches your ear drums. As a measure, have you ever beem in a quiet place and you hear a noise similar to white noise (The noise Televisions make when you turn them on.)? Like a quiet high pitched noise? Hear out for that. That is a measure when it is quiet enough to start meditation.

Next, get comfortable. Sitting, laying down, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Med usually takes from 15 - 30 minutes, but sometimes it can go up to an hour, and there's some cases where you can meditate for 4 hours!

Now, once you have achieved comfort, relax, and close your eyes to begin. To start meditating, you need to achieve a state of mind. To do this, picture all of your problems are leaving you, so all that is left in your mind is you. Nothing more or less. Just you, like you're sitting in a room with nothing but a chair and you sitting on it.

Now think of a place. It can be any place. Whatever makes you feel at peace and also makes you one with your surroundings, like the cave in which you were born in, or the peaks of mountains in which you perched, or the forests in which you roamed in, or beside the lake you once swam in, literally ANYWHERE.

Now picture your 'kin form in that place. If not your kin form, your human form. Spend time looking around. What does it look like? Does that tree look familiar? Do the scratchmarks in that rock over there bring back memories? What do you think of? What do you feel?

In most cases, the place you picture is 85% positive that it was where you lived. A word of caution: Your mind is a powerful thing; it has the stunning ability to play you as a fool. Never underestimate your mind's power. Sometimes, you find out later in life the real location of where you lived, but don't let that put you off meditating in the first place. Everytime you med brings you one step closer to finding out something about yourself.

Ok, so memories.. Images.. What do you see? Remember, that anything you see could be linked with you. Do you see another of your species? Is it older than you? Is it your parent?

What about the location itself? Does it feel "Familiar" to you? Like you've been there before?

Now try moving around. Walk over to that cave, or rock or tree. Explore. Have a wonder through your mind, because that is what you are doing.

After you have done all of this, you should be finding out some things about yourself, like colour, homeland, name, etc. When you feel like you have gotten all that you can find out, it is time to end the meditation. Now look at the clock. How much time has passed?

Don't worry if you haven't spent about an hour on your first med. The first med I did lasted about 10 minutes and I didn't get anything first time round. Keep trying. Keep going until you find something.

I hope this has helped and been helpful.
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PostSubject: Meditate on the Elements   Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:33 am


Do any of these elements mean anything to you? If so, meditate on them. To find out what Element(s) you relate to may give an idea as to what kin you are, Human, or Otherkin, and if Otherkin, which one.
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PostSubject: Re: Meditation   Thu May 01, 2008 1:38 am

Personaly I found that I had connection with Earth, Air and water, so when I meditate, I meditate on these. I finds I helps me image things better and get a better "feel" for my surroundings.
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PostSubject: Re: Meditation   

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