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 Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts   Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:20 pm

What are your views on these two games?
Who are your favourite characters?

I love these games! Paticularly KH2, FFX and FFX-2. They combine fluid battle systems with awesome graphics in the cinematics. And in KH, who honestly does not get some bizarre kick out of hitting stuff with a big key?
My favourite characters are:
Final Fantasy - Yuna; Kimahri; Wakka; Paine; Rikku; Fran and Balthier. (I know the last two were from FFXII)
Kingdom Hearts - Marluxia; Larxene; Kairi; Naminé; Xigbar; Demyx; Xemnas; Saix and Axel.

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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts
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