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 Lord I know you’re there

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PostSubject: Lord I know you’re there   Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:50 pm

Lord I know you’re there for me, during the darkest times of my life. You’re in my friend who helps me though rough times. You give me strength to make it through the day. Though sometimes I can’t feel you. Their days I feel terrified that you left me. You know me more then I know myself. You hear my silent tears. You feel the pain way deep inside in my soul, where no one sees it. Your love is all around me. You’re the soft whisper in the wind. You bring loving people in my life. Even when I can’t see you, I reach out of for you. I yearn for you during that time the most. You’re love is in the choir of the birds when I am feeling alone. I see you in the ocean waves that hit against my legs softly. You’re in the songs that comfort and restore my spirit. Your love shines through the sun that lights the sky. You’re in my families that are being supportive and compassionate. You’re in the rainfall in the beginning of spring. You’re there when leave turns radiant colors. You’re in the first snowfall. You’re the precious baby being born for the first time. You’re the stranger that smiles warmly at me when I am feeling sad. You’re the rain that refreshes my soul. You’re the friend that calls me just the right time. You’re in the morning when I wake.
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Lord I know you’re there
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