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PostSubject: MY TEARS ARE FOR YOU   Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:47 pm

The tears I cry are for you. So many of your children are lost. Little kids are on the streets with no home for the family. Teen are running away and joining gangs to feel loved. When they should feel loved at home. A lot of people have hatred in their hearts. Some families are homeless and have no one. Friends are betraying each other. People are dying every day from murder. Hope is scarce. Parents are fighting more instead of talking things out. Children are seeing more violence. So many of your children are crying for help. A lot of people are stealing. Some churches are getting really bad reputations. People are lying. A lot of people have walls around their hearts to protect themselves. Trust is running very low. Children are divorcing their own parents. Very few of your children have passion in their lives. So many people have wounded hearts. A lot of people’s souls are sick. There’s so much sorrow in the world. Children are harassing one another. Peace is fleeting. They’re a lot of people who are worn and tired. Some people feel numb inside. Other don’t know how to forgive or stay t
heir sorry.
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