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PostSubject: nightmares   Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:51 am

i dont really have dreams often, some of the more vivid ones i've had have actually ended up happening in rl, sometimes i have wonderful dreams but these past months, nearly a year now, even those rare dreams i get ended as nightmares, and i keep getting them more and more often, 80% of the time i end up shot in the chest, several times had nightmares where i'm being choked or stabbed and in every single one i'm always running from someone or something after me. i've woken up in the middle of the night unable to breathe or my chest aching. these days it takes a lot to scare me, sometimes i wonder if thats what will happen to me next, though i usually dont let such thoughts get to me much. this was one nightmare that i thought i'd use for a book i write or something, dont know why but it scared the hell outta me for a day or 2

she had told him to wait outside, that she would go in, see if her brother
was awake, he ran his dragons claws softly through her dark red hair, it
shone black in the moonlight, falling gently through his fingers as he
brushed them lightly across her wolf ears, she turned slowly, walking into
the darkened house, only a dim and filtered light came in from the moon
outside, she turned into the living room, trying to feel her way around,
she turned as she heard footsteps behind her, screaming as a knife tore
into her shoulder, the blade grating against her shoulderblade, her
scream was cut off as her brother tackled her to the ground, punching hard
several times before he got up and turned on a light, face bruised and
bleeding she tries to stand as her drake runs in from the outside, her
brother looks from her to him and raises the gun in his hand, she screams
at him to stop, trying to come between them. the gunshot rings out,
silencing her scream, gasping in pain before falling silent, the bullet
tearing through her, an explosion of pain, cold and darkness starting to
swallow everything even as she falls to her knees, then holding the wound
with one hand, vaguely she could hear her love screaming in rage, another
shot rings out, the bullet grazing his cheek before he knocks the gun from
her brothers hand, knocking him out with a vicious slam against the wall,
growing colder as she sees her brother fall to the floor, can hardly hear
her own voice as she whispers, "please baby dont hurt him" her vision
becomes darker as she falls forward, nothing but cold, darkness and pain,
she barely feels her drake wrap his arms around her, can only just hear
him sobbing as she tries to whisper i love you one last time.
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