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PostSubject: FRIENDS AND FRIENDSHIPS   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:23 pm

Friendships are a rare type of bond. Itís a special gift from God. Friend will go through a lot of trials. They either grow stronger or apart. Sometimes theyíre put through many challenges. Itís just like any another relationships they canít grow unless you involve God in them. Each friendship is unique. Over time they become very special connection. They grow with compassion and love. Sometimes we may let each other down. They will be days when weíll disappoint each other. If a friendship is real and strong it can blossom. Sometimes they can fade away even if one friend still care deeply about the other. The bond can be so strong, that they can feel when their friend is in pain. Everyday is a challenge to understand one another a little better. If the friendship is made with Love itíll shine through the darkness. A friendship can help each person grow stronger. A friendship can hold a special to key to a particular room in a personís heart. A friend tells you what need to hear not what you want to hear. A friendship can heal a broken heart. Friends can be in tune with one another. A love for a friend can be just as deep as a love for a mate. Sometimes friends will ask questions to help their friend heal, or to understand them more. A friend can know you more then you know yourself. They can help you see things you canít see. They help you learn new things. They might help you grow inside. They give you a new perspective to look at things. They may not always get along. Sometimes they can make mistakes. Sometimes friendships can heal and start over. Friends can lean on each other. They may have different opions on topics. Sometimes they know what the other one is thinking before saying it. They encourage us when weíre disappointed. They can calm down when weíre upset. They hurt when weíre hurting. They believe in you even when you donít. They reach out to you. They pray for you when youíre going through a rough time. They help us answer to questions we may have about ourselves. They come in all ages and sizes. I love you
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