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PostSubject: WHAT MATTERS MOST   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:30 pm

What matters in life is love. Sharing it with our friends. Expressing it to our mates. Opening our heart to the people in our lives. Forgiving the one who hurts us, even those who wounded us the most. Allowing love to flow through us. Showing compassion to everyone around us. Slowly letting go all of the pain, we’re holding inside. Learning to share ourselves evens when we’re afraid. Embracing everyday with passion and kindness. Never looking back to our past. Letting our light into someone’s soul. Encouraging each other to have faith in themselves. Helping others to discover their dreams. Showing that we care for each other. Listening closely with our hearts. Supporting each other during the darkest hours. Looking beyond our differences and be there for each other. Trusting our hearts with everyone around us. Sharing our lives with each other. Trying to see good in each other. Bringing joy to others in our lives. Guiding our friends and family to find their own peace. Letting go of all the grudges we hold. Releasing all the bitterness that in our hearts. Learning to let go of some control. Comforting one another during the storms we go through. Lending our shoulders to someone whom is hurting. That’s what really matters.
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