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PostSubject: FAITH   Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:32 pm

Faith is a strength inside us. It helps us follow the path we need to go. It's believing in something even if we can't see it. It's trusting in someone when no one else does. It's about doing the right thing even if it feels impossible. It's following the your dreams all the way through. It's about taking risks without knowing the outcome. It's about facing your fears with courage. It's listening to what your soul says. It's taking the path that few travel. It's means going on some journeys alone. It's about standing your ground on important things. It's opening your heart to strangers. Its trusting your life and heart to the one you love. It's reaching your hand out to someone who's hurting. It's about going the extra mile for someone in need. It's sharing yourself to the people in your life. It's trusting yourself. It's having confidence in a situation even if you don't understand everything. It's being there for those who are alone. It's not giving up even if life feel against you. It's brining light in someone's world. It' following your intuition It's letting your guard down to let people in.
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