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PostSubject: FOLLOW YOUR PATH   Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:29 pm

Follow the path of your heart. It'll help you to the journey of truth. Listen very closely to your soul. Look beyond the natural world for guidance. Take time to breath of the day. Try to embrace the rough times those are the moments that'll help you grow. Let the fire in your heart burn so bright. Remember with each failure you're another step closer to success. Reach out to others and you'll receive wonderful treasures. Find inspiration from nature and a devine source. Don't be afraid to believe in something new or different.. Be proud to be unique. Be yourself even when someone tries to put you in a box. Hold onto what you believe in with everything you have. Have faith in yourself especially through the storms in your life. Draw in the love that surrounds you. Be the first to make a difference. Never regret the mistakes you make that's how you learn. Look all around for the small miracles. When it comes to love give as much as you can and more. Never close your heart to a stranger or an old friend. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself.
Very Happy
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