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 Hello to one and all!

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Dragons Eye

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PostSubject: Hello to one and all!   Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:51 pm

I see this message board looks like it is near death. The graphics have all but disappeared, and the latest posts are dated from the 2009 year.

I would like to propose a solution, if I may.

I have set up my own website and domain name, back in the Spring of this year (2013), and would like to set up a space on the site for a message board! This site is getting promoted from several different places on-line because I am actively running a WordPress blog, AND the site is linkable (as well as redirected from a few of my older sites on-line) from several dragon-related and spirituality-related sites on the web.

I would like to take over the running and set up of this forum if there are no objections! It seems to have been abandoned, by appearance, and I would LOVE to restore it to glory! I am not talking about just setting up another forum. I am talking about actually transferring THIS forum, and any of the graphics and styling docs that can be retrieved - and restarting all of it - from its hiatus - to the new location!

Is ANYONE still even monitoring anything coming from this forum? If so, please leave me contact info - as I am going to change (update) my profile info at this very moment.

- Rev. Dragon's Eye
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons

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Hello to one and all!
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