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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Mar 20, 2007 1:17 pm

Before you start posting, please take the time to read these rules:

1. No spamming. Consequences include a warning, followed by a possible temporary ban of 1-3 weeks if continued.

2. No vulgar posts. Keep it at least fairly clean. If we get reports, consequences are the same for this as spamming.

3. No verbal harassement or flaming. This will not be tolerated. Consequences will be as has seen fit, being it a warning, to a permanent ban.

4. We are unable to disable the post count in the Games and Random Discussion forums, so please refrain from excessive posting on these forums. If we find you are using these forums just to increase your post count, we will set your post count to zero and further consequences could result in a temporary ban if continued.

5. Respect and accept others' opinions and beliefs. Unobligated to agree or follow them, you still have no right to try and change them.

6. We highly recommend you report anything you see in violation of these rules. Look for the dragons with the stripes. We will not give away your name at any circumstance. We really appreciate those
who try their hardest to keep these forums clean and welcoming.

7. And please use common sense. Finding loopholes in the rules to cause trouble, or to harm others will NOT be tolerated and may lead to a permanent ban.

Thank you for reading these important rules, and we hope you have no troubles in the future.

(NOTE: If you had, or are going to join these forums only for the purpose of role playing, please read these rules.)
(If there is anything we had missed, or you think should be added to these rules, please let us know in the Comments and Suggestions forum.)
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Forum Rules
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