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PostSubject: Dreams   Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:04 pm

Dreams can be so strange...does anyone have an awkward or interesting dream they would like to share?

This is a strange dream I had recently: In my dream I decided to grow a giant mustache. I did so and it grew down to my feet. I then opened a business and people would come to my store and pay me so they could stroke my mustache. I became very famous and from that day on was known as giant mustache man...Yeah...a little strange...I have no idea why I would dream of somthing so awkward? Anyone else want to share a dream?
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Judicial Dragon
Judicial Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams   Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:12 am

man that dose sound like a dosy ' i had a dream i thinbk cause i had the tv on ' where i was in the ucrane on holday ' and there was this army comeing looking for amircans that could be a danger to there land basilcy bs they wanted to kill me or so i figherd out later as i was running with the rest of the people and i saw in a fence area to guys kissing and i had my laptop with me and i was useing glamer or shielding teacnces to hide my self in the rest of the crowd and as we were going in these tunnels' and as i was going though these dorrs i saw many people ' and i haad to chose what door to go threw and i picked the right one it seems cause i came back home.
now agein i had the tv on and i think that gave me the dream it had something on naztys and all but still it was sacry as hell and that was my dream.
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